Kik Chatbots Analytics

Reach your audience, drive user engagement, retention, and conversion.

Paradigm shift

Conversational Marketing

Harness the messaging greenfield

Drive user engagement, retention, conversion and understand behavior.

Be a trailblazer

A rare opportunity to be part of the few defining the core principles of messaging as a marketing channel.

Navigate uncharted territory

Dialog helps you apply the marketing principles you know and love into your conversational journey.


Insightful & Actionable Metrics


Delight and retain users


Assess how engaged users are by looking at how focused they are while exchanging with your chatbot.


Monitor your chatbot's retention rate and pinpoint which part of a conversation make users churn.


Whether it's completing a task, providing information or generating transactions, Dialog identifies the best performing flows and helps you to improve them.


Understand how users interact with your chatbot, how interactions are distributed between flows and how your chatbot's performance has an impact.


Know your chatbot's users location, language and preferred time of the day to engage


Monitor daily active users, sessions, messages and conversations volumes.