The Top 8 IT Skill Certifications You’ll Need in 2022

The current economic crisis makes finding a job challenging, especially for those who are just starting out.

But the ICT industry, despite its recent difficulties, is still a viable option.

With this in mind, many governments devote a considerable portion of its space to IT job opportunities.

We previously written on the importance of IT training and certifications, which play a critical part in educating IT professionals for emerging IT businesses.

And it is possible to decrease the complexity of IT certifications to a minimum.

However, as the Ministry of Labor points out, it is far from simple to get oriented in the large ICT environment since hundreds of actors, companies, and associations provide IT courses and certificates aimed at students, instructors, professionals, public administration, and healthcare, etc.

The Top 8 IT Skill Certifications You’ll Need in 2022

ECDL Certification

The ECDL may be the most widely recognized certification in the field of information technology.

It was first used in Italy in 1997 and serves as proof of a person’s adequate computer skills. An internationally acknowledged standard for computer literacy, the ECDL, is available.

This application has been approved by the ECDL Foundation, an international organization, for use in Italy by Aica, an Italian organization dedicated to computer science and automatic calculation.

To reach Joint Controllers in the manufacturing, services (especially ICT), and commerce sectors, third parties can use automated and conventional methods of contact to deliver promotional communications about their products and services, thanks to Big Data.

The goal of the ECDL Foundation is to promote global proficiency in the use of information technology.

For the most part, this has been a simple matter of learning and mastering the most important office applications.

On the other hand, the digital skills of the future will be increasingly diversified since today’s society is built to encourage us to constantly learn.
Computer and web skills are validated at a basic level, with the addition of web 2.0 capabilities.

In a nutshell, it’s a continuation of the ECDL Start program.

In order to get the ECDL Standard certification, you must pass all four required courses and then choose an additional three from a list of options.
Professionalism is assured with the ECDL Expert certification, which verifies a deeper mastery of office job skills.

Your chosen certification route requires you to take the exams at designated testing centers in order to get a European Computer Driving License.


At the heart of PEKIT is an initiative of the Onlus Development Europe Foundation.

In the MIUR’s list of IT certificates, it is a type of certification that demonstrates proficiency in the digital and technological areas (Ministry of Education, University and Research).

Another ministry or center that needs computer skill evaluations for public contests accepts PEKIT certification. As a training credit validation tool, it may also be utilized.

To meet the ever-changing educational needs of advanced civilizations, Pekit education is a lasting solution.

The user is given an upgrade period for practical and intense computer use following substantial developments and evolution in the digital world.

PEKIT for school is a kind of certification designed to assist young people in gaining access to the technological world.

PEKIT Expert Is a four-phase procedure for assessing computer and Internet skills.

PEKIT Advanced knowledge can be obtained by passing extra examinations on top of the ones already taken.

Certification in PEKIT Web Creation demonstrates the ability to build an e-commerce site (using a CMS, or Content Management System) that is optimized for search engine rankings (CEO – Search Engine Optimization)

Using the PEKIT CADS certification, you may prove that you have a working understanding of computer software used in 2D and 3D design.

An educational platform for generating, organizing, and sharing online and offline information has a new certification: PEKIT LiberCloud.

Teachers of all kinds and levels may take advantage of the PEKIT Digital Lessons program, which offers certification in digital lesson design, including the use of social media.


There the IT and networking industries, Cisco certifications are the most generally recognized by those who work in or want to work there.

Companies that hire personnel with one or more of these credentials get a competitive advantage and an economic advantage.

Workers, on the other hand, regard them as a quality indicator and a qualification for employment.

Cisco Networking Certifications are available in five levels.

At the entry level, this position is geared at IT systems engineers, network systems engineers, and network engineers who are just starting their careers in the field.

Professional level is aimed at network professionals who want to pursue a career as network engineers and demonstrates their knowledge of how to set up LANs and WANs and their issue-solving abilities at the professional level.

It serves as a badge of honor for those who have demonstrated proficiency in the enterprise.

Expert level networks are regarded as the pinnacle of networking prestige.

Next is high-level certification for network architects, intended for those with several years of expertise in the field.

Accreditation verifies the capacity to transform company strategy into technology and to act in complicated networks.

An approved Pearson Vou test center must be used to take each certification examination.

Virtualization and cloud computing certifications from VMware

These certifications are the most popular on the international market.

In the professional arena, they are a valuable tool for distinguishing oneself and enhancing one’s employability.

They are a business and competitive advantage for firms.

Additionally, each user is given a unique recognition code that is used to track the status and degree of VMware certifications possessed by each individual user.

Datacenter virtualization, cloud computing services (IaaS), and desktop virtualization are all intimately related to this sort of certification.

Each certification is associated with a VMware-developed training course, which is only available through an approved VMware partner with access to licensed laboratories, instructors, and course materials.

For IT consultants, system engineers, data centers, and cloud administrators with at least six months of experience working with VMware Advanced Professional architectures, the Associate certification is intended for those for a more in-depth understanding of the design and administration of VMware Expert infrastructure and those seeking their first job in virtualization infrastructures.

The certifications are obtained only via an oral examination in front of a commission of senior Experts in virtualization infrastructures.

Those with strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving abilities should pursue the VMware Certified Engineers Engineer certification.

Information system administrators whose skills have been validated by this credential are those who create, set up, and maintain corporate servers and their associated hardware and software in order to maximize overall system performance.

As an architect, you are responsible for the strategic design and execution of the company’s internal information system and network software.

Certified Developers identify, specify, and create the application requirements.

They then translate the software specifications into computer code for use by other developers.

ITIL v2 framework

Anyone who works in IT service management and wants to learn about ITIL v2 is a good candidate for the ITIL v2 Foundations certification.
If you’ve worked in IT for at least three years, you’re eligible for the certificate.

Multiple-choice questions comprise the exam, which must be completed in 60 minutes. With a score of 65%, it surpasses even its own high standards.

The following are the test topics:

  • Management of IT Services and IT Infrastructure Processes and Interfaces in Service Management
  • ITIL’s Processes and Their Interrelationship
  • ITIL Foundational Concepts

A one-day course and the ITIL v3 Foundations test can be completed after acquiring the ITIL v2 Foundations certification.

Certified Professional in Microsoft Office Systems

As a Microsoft Office Specialist, you can demonstrate your proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook in a wide range of business situations.

Further actions will be taken in the future: Both the MOS Expert and MOS Master certifications indicate a high degree of proficiency with Microsoft’s Office suite of products, which is required to use them professionally.

One of the most critical sectors in the IT industry is networking because the contemporary ICT architecture is fully dependent on the availability of dependable communication networks. According to a list compiled by I-Media, the most lucrative credentials for networking experts are included.

Certification by EIPASS

One of the primary four international certificates recognized at the European level is the Eipass certification, which honors ICT abilities (here is the official website:

The Eipass certification can be at the European level and is an alternative to ECDL, Microsoft Office Specialist, and IC3 for teachers and non-teaching staff to obtain qualifications for updating rankings, students to obtain university credits, and professionals in general to enrich their curriculum vitae.

The 11506 standard

After the release of UNI 11506: 2013, the regulatory reference framework for IT certifications has become more organized and intelligible.

This has been true for some years now, namely after 2013.

In addition to the e-Competence Framework 2.0, the European framework for reference and definition of competencies and related ICT skills, Italy has embraced this standard in large measure.

As a result, the road to professional certification in most of European countries has been made very clear: professionals in the ICT sector are required to meet a set of technical standards known as UNI 11506, which describes requirements for the assessment and certification of knowledge, skills, and abilities for ICT professional profiles based on the e-CF model.

Accreditation body evaluates and accredits the certification bodies for these professionals.

Which simply means, accredited organizations may provide certificates for 36 different general ICT skills, including Account Manager, Business Analyst, Business Information Manager, Developer, Security Manager, Security Specialist, and many more to come.

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