Announcing the Dialog + Smooch integration

If you are not a developer but you want to leverage Dialog’s insights, your life just got easier.

We’re excited to announce our integration with Smooch, which brings the power of conversational analytics to Smooch applications. To connect Dialog with Smooch, head over to your Dialog dashboard in the integrations section click on the configure button beside Smooch. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with Smooch and select the application you want to integrate Dialog with.

Smooch enables developers to add multi-channel messaging to their business or software. Their APIs abstract the complexity of building and maintaining a messaging system, allowing teams to focus on building systems where business logic is the core value. On top of that, they make it simple to expand to different messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Line, and more coming soon.

Here are a few examples of Dialog + Smooch to get you started.

Monitor customer support conversations

You have a team of customer support people doing their best to answer your customer’s questions in a timely manner. Inquiries might come from email, live chat, SMS, Facebook, etc. As you’ve probably already experienced, it’s hard to offer quality support at scale, and even harder with a growing set of channels.

Smooch solves the multiple channels problem by providing integrations with helpdesks like Zendesk, Help Scout, Front, and Gorgias. This means your support team can use a single product to handle requests from many channels.

Connecting Smooch and Dialog will help you answer questions like:

  • Are we receiving more tickets via Facebook Messenger or Telegram?
  • At what time of the day do people reaching via SMS ask the most questions?
  • How many messages on average does one of your agents need to close a ticket?
  • Based on sentiment analysis, which customers have had a bad support experience?
  • Which of our agents is the most effective at making the customer feel good?

Understand chatbot conversations

Chatbots are surely going through a hype cycle, but they can be formidable when used with the right use case.

Smooch has integrations with conversational application building tools like,, and These products make it easy for developers and non-developers alike to build simple to complex bots by abstracting away the complexity of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and conversation logic.

Connecting Smooch and Dialog will help you answer questions like:

  • What’s the bot answer latency? When is it over 1 second?
  • What’s the bot audience? Where in the world are the users from? What language do they speak?
  • Which users are the most engaged? Which ones have interacted more than 3 times with the bot?
  • What’s the ratio of sessions per conversation? And how about the ratio of messages per session?
  • Which conversations have been a success? Which ones did the bot fail to understand?

These are some of the insights our customers get by connecting Smooch with Dialog. If you already have a Smooch account, then simply signup for Dialog and connect your Smooch application in 1 click.

Dialog for Botpress

We are happy to release botpress-dialog a module for Botpress, an open-source project for developers to create, manage and extend bots.