About Us

Dialog Analytics is a company with a vision. We see a world where people can easily understand and access the data they need to make smart, informed decisions in their business, their personal lives, and their professional lives.

Our product, Dialog Analytics, brings to life this vision by allowing businesses to manage the data they collect, analyze it, and present it in an understandable format to everyone in the organization.

We help businesses and organizations improve their cybersecurity posture and defend against cyber threats through our award-winning Cybersecurity Risk Management and IT Certification programs.

We use data, metrics, and analytics to help you detect, identify, and respond to cyber threats.

We partner with CISOs, CIOs, and security teams to help them gain a complete view of their network and identify areas that may need to be patched or improved.

Our program helps to assess the risk associated with your current and future business processes, and provides recommendations for mitigating those risks through training and other measures.

Our home office is in:
Akasia 15, Rengas.
Tangeran Selatan, Banten. 16751